Tuesday, March 30, 2010

GOODBYE 953 Main Street, HELLO 25 Thompson Street

So it's official--Fino is moving!!  As of May 1st we will be operating out of our new studio, 25 Thompson Street, located in the heart of downtown Winchester. 

We are in the process of renovating the space and finding some new furnishings.  It's a bit overwhelming since it's almost 3 times the size of our current location.  There isn't a ton of work to be done, mainly just new floors and paint.  The space is really great overall!

As excited as we are, we will  really miss our old studio.  Especially our fantastic landlords and surrounding business owners.  Not to mention the city of Melrose and it's wonderful community. 

We look forward to our new stomping grounds in Winchester and we hope that you come and stop by to see us!  We will be holding an official OPEN HOUSE soon so check back for the details on that!